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PR for Startups in an Incubator

I was asked by a local PR professional about looking to incubators as a source of new clients. I’m not going to name names, but in general I have found incubators to have a high concentration of dollars and a

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Using Analytics to Filter Negative Keywords on AdWords

Being able to use AdWords and Analytics together has been really helpful. Today I worked with a client who has a relatively small budget for daily ads. Most people just getting started don’t know about the power of negative keywords

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AdWords Optimization

Today I completed a project that took a long time, hope the results are worth it. I reviewed Google AdWords data for 10 different clients anywhere from 60 days to 7 years. The goal was to identify ads with higher

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Digital Jobs in Austin

It’s Austin Digital Jobs Events, Y’all Last week of June, you have not found a job. I mean that’s cool, you have a plan for your hot tub. But that tub is whack. For the month of June, 2014 I got some submissions. I’m

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Austin Digital Jobs – May Event Run Down

Hi! Holy cow, why did I volunteer for this thing? I guess its because Big Wheel Agency found a client on Austin Digital Jobs via Facebook. My rule is whatever got my agency my last five sales I spend my

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A Ha Discovery – Our Passion is Your Profitability

It’s been a few days since my last entry, in that time I have been super busy. I ended off with my friend Marc who provided a brutal assessment of my site. What’s going on with the site anyway? In

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Day 5 – Interview With an Expert

Yesterday I sat down with a guy I’ve been coworking with for awhile. He’s a handsome guy but doesn’t talk very much, but when he does, I can tell that he is one of those who probably rose to the

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Day 4 – Think Kit A Word to the Wise

This post is going to be much quicker because I am super busy. What was the wisest decision I made all year? Here’s a short list: I started taking my laundry to the drop off service I stopped networking I

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Day 3 – Strangest Experience of the Year Yoga Nidra

Looking back at 2013 I have to think one of the strangest thing was my experience with Yoga Nidra. It was Free Yoga week at this place near my house and I went in for the Nidra classes without any

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Day 2 Think Kit – Create a Survey, or Don’t

For Day 2 of Think Kit the prompt was to create a survey and ask people about things. Here’s something better, a hard lesson from an entrepreneur with some scar tissue. Let’s say that your business is redesigning the website.

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