Day 4 – Think Kit A Word to the Wise

This post is going to be much quicker because I am super busy.owl-book-md

What was the wisest decision I made all year? Here’s a short list:

I started taking my laundry to the drop off service

I stopped networking

I set up a business savings account instead of a business checking account

I advised my mom to get a lawyer on a family matter instead of getting involved

I decided my two year old phone can last another year, and that a used laptop was as good as a new one

I used a career counselor for the first time

I stopped using inbound marketing strategies for sales, and now just do outbound

Probably the best thing though was when I liberated myself from the judgement of others.


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PJ Christie is a bass player, marketer, and entrepreneur living in Austin Texas. Since 1998 he has been a pioneer in leveraging the web as a publishing platform. He founded Big Wheel Agency as a platform to combine his interests in education and technology, adding his experience to those working to create positive change. Google

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One comment on “Day 4 – Think Kit A Word to the Wise
  1. Each of these could be a blog post in itself, PJ! I’d love to hear why you made these choices.

    Thanks for sharing!

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