Day 3 – Strangest Experience of the Year Yoga Nidra

Looking back at 2013 I have to think one of the strangest thing was my experience with Yoga Nidra.


It was Free Yoga week at this place near my house and I went in for the Nidra classes without any clear idea of what I was getting into. I love yoga but unfortunately keep myself too busy to practice it as much as I would like.

Walking in I was in the middle of a larger journey that called for me to begin my first full time J O B in many years. I had been hired as Director of Sales and Marketing at a local startup, and already feeling some trepidation, but went in looking for some kind of transformation on a small scale.

What I got was much more than that.

In the practice of Yoga Nidra I was lying in the corpse pose in a room with maybe 60 people. We breathed slowly with a guided meditation relaxing. Then we were told to focus on something and suddenly, my focus turned to I Want to Be Free From the Judgment of Others.

Don’t we all? And don’t we all feel like we bang our heads on that same wall. In the 45 minutes I meditated on that, my brain gave me three humongous yellow visual explosions. It was as though I was shattering this block in my mind. Typing this out is a completely inadequate way of describing the experience.

But I sure do see things differently now in myself and others. I haven’t changed, but I see more and more how when I consider the judgment of others in my personal decision making, I am limiting myself by some imagined convention. And when I recognize that other people around me are working hard to cultivate a persona of outrage or empathy, I hope instead to view that person as actively pursuing compassion free of judgment. For themselves and others.

So try Yoga Nidra. Or don’t. Doesn’t matter to me. Here’s a picture from a survey that nobody cared about.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.39.10 AM

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One comment on “Day 3 – Strangest Experience of the Year Yoga Nidra
  1. Nila Nealy says:

    “Typing this out is a completely inadequate way of describing the experience.”

    Thanks for doing it. It’s a lovely thing to read as I prepare for my evening meditation.

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